With our experienced team, we are in daily phone contact with your clients and partner agencies. We sell them products, offer them services and technical assistance in order to fully satisfy them. Our activity is divided as follows:


Sales of tourism product by telephone and internet:


  • To inform and advise the client according to his wishes, his budget and his project.
  • Guide the client towards the services that suit him according to his expectations and wants.
  • Plan and organize the client’s itinerary.


 Booking modification and finalization:

  • Prepare sales contracts or registration forms.
  • Make reservations for transport, accommodation and the activities sold.
  • Fill in insurances forms.
  • Fill in the APIS forms.


Manage the relationship of your “B to B” partner agencies

  • Assist your production.
  • Manage your stocks.
  • Participate in technical product management.
  • Accompany your agencies in the sale process.


Online Chat Services


Travel Outsourcing offers an Online Chat Service on your website. This service on your website aims to meet the expectations of the travellers by proposing a new, free and real time channel of communication.


Call overflow

Our overflow offer meets the needs of the clients who wish to strengthen their project to improve the quality of service delivered or the opening range of the Customer Service.

It includes several dimensions that can be combined to meet your needs:

  • During a marketing campaign.
  • On peak activity of your office.
  • During annual closures.



Travel Outsourcing

Tel: 01 84 21 28 09


Location: The Catalyst Building Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius

About Us

The founder of Travel Outsourcing capitalize on a large experience in the field of Travel and Tourism Web Marketing in France and in Mauritius.

You will benefit from a pragmatic approach, in optimizing your organization and your costs.

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