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Outsourced Digital Marketing: Manage your budget from A to Z

You want to boost your visibility on the web and attract new clients?

Our agency offers you complete support to optimize your digital presence focused on SEO, SEA, social media management and content creation adapted to the web.

Our expertise in the field allows us to offer you the following services:


Web Editor specializing in tourism

Our specialists in tourist content will produce all the content of your country, cities, outings and hotels.

We also write optimized web contents, travel guides, practical tips, points of interests, trend destinations… all themes that offer travellers a range of interesting information in creating unique content, while focusing on an SEO strategy thanks to “long tail” strategy.


Internet Moderation/Community Manager

Let us take care of your e-reputation. Travel Outsourcing is able to accompany you in the following areas:

  • Daily monitoring of the media/ target communication media (feedback).
  • Publish on social network.
  • Management from A-Z of social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, FlickR, etc.)
  • Exchange with the community (all medium: email, telephone, IRL, etc.)


SEO Optimization

SEO is of paramount importance to strengthen your presence and ensure a good position in the search engine results including Google.  Our SEO services are especially aimed at tour operators who want to outsource simple time-consuming tasks that are essential to the deployment of an effective SEO strategy. Get advice from a consultant to improve my SEO.


Outsourcing AdWords Campaign

How can we help you improve the performance of your AdWords Campaign?

As simple as it sounds, it takes a lot of time and effort to manage a Google AdWords Campaign. Our experts are here to manage your Google AdWords Campaign to help you maximize your results and save your valuable time.

  • By entrusting us with your AdWords Campaign you will benefit from:
  • An increase of the profitability of your campaigns.
  • A thorough and comprehensive analysis of your existing AdWords Campaign.
  • Advices on the quality of or pages of the destinations.
  • Daily monitoring of your campaign.
  • Optimizing your AdWords Campaign by refining numerous points to make it more efficient.


Newsletter/Emailing: Manage your emailing campaigns

Write and send emails

 For an effective email strategy, you have to send suitable and adapted emails and follow a regular timing, which can be time-consuming. We can define a schedule together and take care of the writing and sending of these emails. And of course, always under your control.


Update your lists

Managing an emailing tool, including creating and updating your contacts lists, is often a long and tedious job. We take care of the refining and permanent updating of the contact files.

Together, we define the best target for your messages, with a selection of criteria you want. Specializing in the best practices of EDM Campaigns, we can advise you on your HTML and your writing in order in optimize the delivery of your messages.

Each operation go through a step to analyse the message to optimize the rate of successful messages, followed by a step of validation by the client before scheduling the message. After each campaign we provide a complete statistical report with the possibility to obtain the information about the campaigns’ openers/clickers.

It is a real collaboration that we propose to optimize the ROI of each your operations.



Travel Outsourcing

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About Us

The founder of Travel Outsourcing capitalize on a large experience in the field of Travel and Tourism Web Marketing in France and in Mauritius.

You will benefit from a pragmatic approach, in optimizing your organization and your costs.

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