Customer Relations

In the travel, tourism and recreation sector, characterized by fierce competition, the quality of customer interactions plays a big role in their loyalty. Our role is to help you create a personalized relationship with your clients and share their positive experience with their loved ones. Ask for a feedback…


The satisfaction survey is a tool for measuring your customer’s satisfaction. The importance of understanding the needs of clients in order to better answer them is essential in the tourism industry. The satisfaction survey, well used, remains an excellent tool to improve and understand the needs of customers and thus retaining them.

We accompany you in:

  • Planning the questions and designing the survey.
  • Circulating the survey.
  • Analysing of results on positive and negative feedbacks (claims) and on lost clients.
  • Communicating the results internally, on your websites and elsewhere.


Customer Experience

Acquiring a new client costs more than retaining an existing client. Your loyal customers will help you ensure a steady turnover and acquire new ones by promoting your agency. That’s why Travel Outsourcing helps you to build a long-lasting and cohesive customer relationship. Our Travel consultants can assist you in carrying out the following operations:

  • Identify “good customers”.
  • Strengthen the relationship between your client and your brand: offer a service of impeccable quality, give the floor to your clients…
  • Classify files “B to C” and “B to B” (business trips): verify and correct your customer data to obtain reliable, complete and updated files.


Personalized assistance

We can help you to develop on your website a section dedicated to the support of your clients on the preparation of their trip: travel diaries enriched with themed articles, destination guides, choose and reserve activities and outings, a personalized travel planning area, and thematic quizzes to help the clients know their travel preferences.



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About Us

The founder of Travel Outsourcing capitalize on a large experience in the field of Travel and Tourism Web Marketing in France and in Mauritius.

You will benefit from a pragmatic approach, in optimizing your organization and your costs.

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