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Why use Pay-Per-Click?

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Foremost, what is Pay-Per-Click?




According to anthedesign.fr, Pay-Per-Click or “SEA- Search Engine Advertizing” refers to a quick method to acquire presence and awareness on search engines and on Google in particular using paid shares. The principle of SEA is simply to buy keywords from the search engines through the ad network thanks a keyword bidding system.

In the tourism industry, one of the most competitive sectors on the net, pay-per-click is an indispensable strategy to strengthen the visibility of the brand or to position itself on keywords that are very competitive, but it presents also many other advantages especially:


  1. Targeting

Pay-Per-Click allows you to set certain parameters to adapt your ad and choose targets. Indeed, you can choose to show your ad to a category of users in a specific country if you are consider conquering a foreign market. You can also choose to show your ad only during the weekend or at a specific time. These settings will increase your chances of generating more quality traffic to the site.


  1. Immediate visibility

In order to thwart competition in the tourism sector and thus gain a better position on the search engines quickly, “Pay-Per-Click” is the ideal solution. You can also boost a new site that you have just set up or simply promote a limited offer. Do not hesitate to refer to the different services and destinations that you propose to reach a greater number of Internet users.


  1. Control of the budget



Your main motivation: Let your agency catch the eye of the internet users on the first page of the results and not run to ruin with unsuccessful advertising campaigns. Pay-Per-Click can be done by setting a defined budget per day and per click in order to control and limit daily expenses.


  1. Display campaigns

You can choose to publish your ad on the display network by selecting sites related to tourism to give more relevance to your ad and thus attract more potential customers.


  1. Choice of ad support

In addition, you can also analyze the promotion you want to make and the targeted customers before choosing the presentation methods of your ad. You can choose an ad in text form or as a media banner.


  1. Remarketing

With an average of 7 out of 10 Internet users who leave a tourist site without converting, the tourism industry is the sector most affected on the web. Using SEA (Search Engine Advertising), you can try to use remarketing “a method of delivering targeted ads to users who have visited your site or your mobile app” (octave.biz, 2016) to increase sales, optimize your advertising costs, boost your return on investment, gain visibility and notoriety on the web.


Pay-per-click includes numerous benefits, so it's up to you to make the right choices to ensure a good return on investment.


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