In the realm of the digital era, customers have more power than ever. A single unhappy and annoyed customer can publish his complaints and unsatisfactory journey to millions of audiences.  E reputation, also known as Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a part and parcel of the tourism industry. Your business needs a solid web presence as it influences the reputation of your brand and it is a determining factor in brand building.


Ratings in the tourism sector are now everywhere. Customer satisfaction is the barometer of your sales, thereby influencing the close circle of the customer and even online customers to indulge in your product. Word of mouth is the world of mouth, thus it promotes and drives your sales statistic.



The notoriety of the tourism industry is quintessential for its survival. The trust of the client has a direct and deep effect on the tourism sector bottom line. In the past, businesses relied on word of mouth by their partners in order to establish, build and maintain their reputations. In this modern era of social media, businesses must be careful and meticulous about their reputation on a regular basis and be responsive and available to any crisis that have direct impact on their reputation.


Your business must enjoy good reputation as it engages people to trust and pursue in your business. Consumers have major influence over your business reputation. Here are few significant aspects why enjoying a good reputation is advantageous for your tourism business:


  • It facilitates engagement.

A good reputation determines whether people engage with your business. It takes time and effort to make people trust your brand.


  • Your business reputation is not 100% in your control.

Although your products, services and brand are in your control, your business reputation is not. You can implement strategies to build your reputation and influence how people feel about your business, yet at the end you have no control over the minds of outsiders. A good reputation makes you enjoy a little influence over the mind of your target audience.


  • It favours you a competitive advantage.

Online presence is definitely a boost for your products and services. It is a great way to attract and engage customers thereby it helps to stand out from competitors. Your business reputation can even be the deciding factor whether a person chooses you over competitors.


  • Your reputation strengthens itself.

Your business reputation is strengthened and reinforced by the opinions of current and potential clients. These opinions are helpful to influence others future customers’ opinions.


  • Word of mouth marketing is real.

Nowadays people have more access to social media to voice out their opinions and views about a business. Even if they are total strangers, people trust opinions of others. Therefore, it is important that your business enjoys a good reputation as it’s not only you that spread the word about your business, it is everyone. Additionally, your customers will be more confident to refer you to others.


  • It reduces the impact of bad reviews.

A good reputation helps to mitigate the damage of a bad review. Whenever your business encounters difficult customers or unlucky experiences, the results of the negative will have fewer influence. If you enjoy a good reputation, less people will be influenced with that particular unhappy customer’s opinion.


  • Reputation is much more than just amidst your target audience.

Your reputation impact also your employees along with partners, customers, target audience and niche markets. A good reputation facilitates growth and has an effect across your entire network.


  • Good begets good.

Coupled with the above point, good reputation leads to better relationships in your tourism network. A good reputation is a good opportunity to spread the word of your business. It is easy to plan events and carry out campaign that will strengthen your reputation.


In brief, a good reputation ensures that your tourism business survives in the long run and continues to achieve success. You must take e-reputation of tourism seriously and make it a priority to build your reputation.

Since the tourism industry is a highly competitive market on search engines, being on the front page requires a good communication strategy and hard work on optimizing the visibility and awareness of the company on the web.

You have an online travel sale, but you do not have the right tricks yet or the resources to get the business off the ground. Do not worry anymore, it is possible to optimize the visibility of your page through seo.


With a rate of 68% of internet users relying on comments on social networks before realizing the act of purchase, digital platforms offer tourism marketers a way to gain more visibility and notoriety internationally

In a world where competition is raging in all sectors of activity, acquiring market share turns out to be a true journey of the fighter. Businesses must therefore develop new strategies to ensure their subsistence.



Outsourcing, a very effective way to increase profits, and increase its competitiveness in the market, is recognized as widespread in France with a rate of 82% of French companies outsourcing their services abroad. According to a survey carried out in 2011 by the Cegos observatory, one of the world leaders in continuing vocational training, 86.6% of service companies use outsourcing, compared with 76.7% for industry. As a result, the outsourcing of services abroad offers many advantages:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Boosting its competitiveness.
  • Increase productivity and quality of services.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Increase maneuvering flexibility.
  • Refocusing of activities and expertise.


But why choose Mauritius?



Mauritius has everything to attract investors, apart from its paradisiacal setting, Mauritius also stands out on the global platform. First in the ranking of “Doing Business” in Africa in 2016, the Mauritian democracy has established a stable political, financial and economic environment for companies wishing to settle there. Today, recognized as a model of economic competitiveness ideal for outsourcing, this small island combines perfectly business art and lifestyle. Indeed, Mauritius has one of the highest growth rates in sub-Saharan countries and in just three decades Mauritius has moved from a sugar-cane economy to a varied and sophisticated service economy.

Signatory to several multilateral treaties and conventions including: The International Court of Justice in The Hague, The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, The International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, The New York Convention of 1958, Mauritius offers an undeniable protection to foreign investors.

Moreover, it also relies on a free market and free-market economy and imposes no restrictions on the repatriation of profits, dividends and capital. Other attractive points of this small island of the Indian Ocean are that the “Occupation Permit” are granted to investors and professionals in only 3 days, the tax system and the tax rate are also very flexible compared to other countries.

Below are the main lines of the Mauritian tax system as follows:

  • 15% tax on corporate profits
  • 15% tax on personal income
  • No tax on capital gains (CGT)
  • No taxation on dividends
  • No inheritance tax
  • No restrictions on repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
  • 80% tax credits on offshore companies - GBL1 (effective tax rate of 3%)
  • Mauritius has also concluded treaties on non-double taxation with 33 countries.

In addition, with a literacy rate estimated at 89.8% according to a Board of Investment study in 2011, Mauritius offers you a skilled and motivated workforce at a lower cost compared to the Southern Nearshore countries as Morocco or Tunisia. The little time difference between Europe (2h00 to 3h00) also makes it possible to work without any particular time adjustment. Invest in a stable economy, secure in an idyllic environment, what could you ask for more?





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