Sales and Front-Office

All our French and English travel specialists are trained and master one or two destinations perfectly to better advise your clients and sell your tailored or packaged trips.

Back-Office Management

Guaranteeing the right application of your process, for all the administrative aspects and customer relations, our service will answer all the requests and actions related to the documents follow-up, coming to our cluster.

Digital Marketing

In search of a specialized digital expertise, our web team will answer your specific or permanent needs in drafting tourist’s contents, manage social media platform, free and paid SEO, and manage e-marketing campaigns.

Our Team

More than 20 years of cumulative experience in Travel and Digital Marketing, the Team of Travel Outsourcing benefits from a proven expertise in the Tourism Industry, bringing real added value in the organization of your activity, with an undeniable advantage over the salary cost. Our expertise in the outsourcing of certain activities of the tourism businesses, meets the need for flexibility and improve customer relationships.

We provide customized outsourcing, relating to specific services, adapted to your organizational process. By using this method wisely, you will see significant improvements both qualitatively and financially. In general, the return of investment of such an outsourcing is effective as from the first year of service delegation. In addition, Mauritius has good infrastructures and social stability. It allows our bilingual consultants to work in good conditions without disruptive elements. Some of our clients took the opportunity to have a foothold in UK while remaining active in the French-Speaking markets. Learn more

Why work with us?

A complete travel experience

Gain an additional impetus to provide full services by increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost reduction and flexibility: a guarantee of profitability

Outsourcing some functions prevents you from bearing disproportionate costs to the service rendered and thus to launch into new technological challenges.

Customer Relationship

Strengthen the loyalty of your travellers: create a sense of belonging through personalized and exclusive services.

A framework of French-Mauritian

Qualified and experienced, accompanied by a good mastery of the Mauritian cultural landscape.

A bilingual team, opening up to the French-speaking market

Our French specialists will allow you to market your tailored-made or packaged tours to French-speaking customer based.

Skills dedicated to your digital marketing

Buy Time and Experience, a real added value for your digital marketing, in order to increase your web visibility.

Working with us

Looking for a first job, an internship, or a career development?

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Travel Outsourcing

Tel: 01 84 21 28 09


Location: The Catalyst Building Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius

About Us

The founder of Travel Outsourcing capitalize on a large experience in the field of Travel and Tourism Web Marketing in France and in Mauritius.

You will benefit from a pragmatic approach, in optimizing your organization and your costs.

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